Cazetora Quali

good design
CS series
Design your place incredible, sensational,
and healthy.
good design


Following Your Movement

Because of our patent technology” wave-tilt mechanism,” you can swing all directions with a stable posture. When you sit on CS, you can more concentrate and also relaxed because CS assists you to move with less stress.

Arrange Every Space

CS is a unique stool inspired by flowers swaying in the wind.
You can arrange spaces such as offices, schools and home.
With this flowery stool, you are able to communicate with people freely and actively.

Pelvis Support

In addition to the active round mat,
You can also select a mat with more stability.
It is design to support the pelvis and keep the optimal posture easily.

color variation

  • frame variation
  • frame variation
  • frame variation
  • frame variation
  • frame variation
  • frame variation

mat variation

shell color

  • color:WhiteWhite
  • color:BlackBlack


  • color:Light GrayLight Gray
  • color:Light BlueLight Blue
  • color:Salmon PinkSalmon Pink
  • color:Parchment BeigeParchment Beige
  • color:Moss GreenMoss Green
  • color:BlackBlack


wide : 432mm
depth : 412mm
height : 465~582mm
weight : 8.5kg

Line drawing