Cazetora Quali

good design
CT series
Comfort of Rocking Chair

Rocking back and forth brings you a healthy work environment.

good design



CT100 is a task chair with a swing slide mechanism. CT100 adjusts individually to the weight and contour of the body for an extraordinarily comfortable place to ease the body.

Following Various Postures of Users

The seat tilts forward in the upright position, which prevents pressure in the stomach and rounded shoulders during deskwork.
The seat and backrest naturally support your body while you lean back.


CT100 relieves the strain on the body from sitting for a long period of time. It makes physically and mentally healthy workplace possible.

color variation

  • frame variation
  • frame variation
  • frame variation
  • frame variation
  • frame variation
  • frame variation

frame color

  • color:WhiteWhite
  • color:BlackBlack


  • color:Cosmic blueCosmic blue
  • color:Turquoise blueTurquoise blue
  • color:Sand beigeSand beige
  • color:Cherry redCherry red
  • color:Apple greenApple green
  • color:BlackBlack


  • color:Adjustable armrestAdjustable armrest
  • color:Circle armrestCircle armrest
  • color:ArmlessArmless
  • color:Coat hangerCoat hanger


wide : 640mm
depth : 580mm
height : 935~1025mm
weight : 16.9kg

Line drawing