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good design
CT series
Small Body, Full of Comfort
CT200 is a high-performing chair suitable for the modern office environment that requires a flexible working style. The casual appearance and compact body totally fit into a living-room office, and it realizes a high level of comfort that even meets long-term desk work.
good design


Comfortable Wherever and Whoever

Thanks to the original weight-sensing mechanism, CT200 offers the best reclining force, no matter who sits in it. This feature is quite suitable for flexible modern offices where a variety of people work without any personal workstations.
Also, we adapted synchronized tilt on the mechanism, which can be angled in 3 positions. This realized the comfort that even meets the upper-class task chairs.

Desirable Seat Cushion

Its seat cushion with a unique structure efficiently disperses the body weight when seated. The structure also helps you keep a healthy posture by preventing the body from sliding forward when you try to recline.

Compact Body and Friendly Appearance

Because CT200 is designed to be casual and compact, it goes well with home offices or large company offices.
The rounded contour of its body creates a warm atmosphere and makes you feel close to the workplace.

color variation

  • frame variation
  • frame variation
  • frame variation
  • frame variation
  • frame variation
  • frame variation


  • color:Light grayLight gray
  • color:Light blueLight blue
  • color:Salmon pinkSalmon pink
  • color:Parchment beigeParchment beige
  • color:Moss greenMoss green
  • color:BlackBlack


wide : 615mm
height : 750~845mm
depth : 520mm
weight : 13.4kg

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